5 Reasons Outsourcing Your Image Editing Requirements is More Cost-Effective

Most businesses today are looking at increasing the efficiency of their processes and operations while keeping a close eye on cost.  To make this decision, it is critical to analyze and identify tasks that are core to the business, then there is value in owning them in-house. Other tasks which are repetitive and can be handled efficiently by external partners should be outsourced to leave you with ample time to focus on core business tasks.

A support function like a professional image editing service which includes image editing tasks like background removal, resizing, color correction, swatch matching, etc. can be outsourced. This allows you to get many more images edited and have your new product images online quicker and on multiple platforms allowing you to generate increased sales.

Here are some key benefits of outsourcing your Image Editing requirements to professionals.

  1. Manpower planning and optimization

You can better plan and utilize your human resources by keeping the focus on strategic tasks and other functions which form the core of your business. Remember, product photography and hence its editing is seasonal, there will be a huge variance in photography and editing load based on the time of the year. A repetitive, yet specialized task like Image editing can be managed efficiently by outsourcing them to specialized service providers. This will not only allow you to manage the peaks and valleys in terms of image volumes to be edited through the year but also free up critical creative time and start focusing your energy on taking your business and maximizing profits.

  1. Reduction in cost of infrastructure, equipment, and software

Image editing requires investment in high-end machines and editing software like photoshop. By outsourcing to a professional photo editing service, you can save on investments that you incur on expensive equipment, software, and licenses. This is besides the cost of salaries and regularly upskilling and training your team of artists.

  1. Save more as you grow and increase ROI

As you scale up your business and product portfolio, you will require more images and faster turnaround times to remain competitive.  For an in-house setup, this means you will require more resources to take care of the increased image workload, which also means an increase in cost with an increase in workload. Instead of wasting time and valuable resources in managing this in-house, choose the right partner. With the right professional image editing studio, you will get an advantage in terms of quality, value, and efficiency. The more images you process, economies of scale will kick in which translates to cost savings! By reducing your expenditure and controlling costs, you can increase your ROI. This will allow you to invest your capital in strategic or core areas which in turn will help you build and scale your business and develop a strategic edge over the competition.

  1. Get the experts to advise and ability to scale

The right partner will bring in the expertise and latest skills and technological know to enhance and optimize your images for best performance. While you focus on your core business, the expert partner will advise you on the latest developments in image editing and will offer you the latest know-how to maximize the impact of your images allowing you to sell more. A professional photo editing service will offer you speed, consistency, and value is never seen before,     giving you the agility to scale and grow your business.

  1. Consistency in timelines and quality

Trying to manage a specialized support function like image editing in-house or through freelancers may result in a compromise in quality, timeline, consistency, or even cost.  When you are dependent on freelancers, you may not always get the right and most reliable resource to deliver the results you seek. Outsourcing it to the right partner offers you expertise and reliable service. The right partner will also understand the significance of your brands’ unique visual identity and be able to add value to it.


We covered multiple benefits of outsourcing your photo editing task to a professional Photo Editing Service Provider over your in-house photo editing team or working with freelancers. The latter may not be the most viable option for you if you want to remain competitive in your business. When you outsource you can save on key resources (time, money, and manpower), which in turn may alternatively be deployed to further develop your core offering and develop a strategic edge over your competitors.

With a trusted and experienced partner like Pixhoto you not only give your business the advantage in terms of quality, value, and efficiency but also get peace of mind with managing a technology-enabled, hassle-free platform offering you complete transparency and control at every step.