What is Pixhoto?

Pixhoto is an online image editing service for eCommerce businesses, brands, photo studios, online retailers, and creative agencies etc. Our service adds value to your sales process, allows you to control quality and time while saving money with our customizable image retouching platform. Upload your photos through our platform and within 48 hours or less (as per your selected plan) your images are ready exactly as per the specifications you require. It’s almost like having an in-house image editing team minus all the headaches associated with it.

How does it work?

Pixhoto is very easy to use. Simply, signup/create an account. Once you’re logged in, select the eCommerce store of your choice from the marketplace templates. You can also use our custom module to let us know the output you require. After you have set up the specifications, place your order by uploading images via the cloud, FTP or your computer. Hit the submit button and we will get to work on your images. As soon as your images are ready, we’ll let you know.

What kind of services do you offer?

We can edit or remove the background, adjust image dimensions, align your image, set margins, add shadows and reflections, adjust colours, create clipping paths, create an invisible/ghost mannequin effect, retouch your images, fix the colours that may be distorted during the shoot and change the colours, patterns, texture of your products. We can also help you with creative compositions, product wrapping, swatches etc. You may visit our services page for more information.

Who is pixhoto for?

Pixhoto is for eCommerce businesses, brands, photo studios, online retailers, creative agencies, etc. Pixhoto allows you to scale with professionally edited images offering you the edge in quality, efficiency and value. Upload your photos through our platform and within 24 hours or less (as per your selected delivery timeline) your images are ready exactly as per the specifications you require.

What kind of images do you NOT edit?

Pixhoto is aimed to be a Business Services Tool. We do not edit personal images like selfies, personal portraits, wedding pictures, vacation photos, pictures of your friend’s party etc.

Can you standardize my images for eBay, Amazon or any other marketplace?

Most definitely. You can select the template for all major eCommerce stores and standardize your images as per the store specifications.

Can you give me a Clipping Path for intricate jewellery?

We do not offer clipping paths for chains, complex jewellery etc.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, the free trial offers you up to 10 images edited for free. These trials allow you to experience our image editing quality for free. The Free trial code is auto-applied during the check-out for the first 10 images. Visit our Pricing Page. We also have various offers/discounts from time to time. Keep checking our website for updates on offers and promos.

How can I pay?

You can pay for our service with any major credit or debit card. You DO NOT need a credit card to avail of the free trial editing for the first 10 images.

What is the turnaround time?

All images are edited and returned to you within 24 hours or 12 or 6 hours as per the delivery timelines selected by you during the checkout (expedited delivery selection of 12 or 6 hours comes with an additional charge). We are committed to delivering the edited images within the selected time frame. Although rare, in case of any delays due to unforeseen circumstances, our Customer Success team will reach out to keep you informed.

How many images can I upload for editing?

You may upload up to 250 images in one batch. However, there is no limit to the number of batches that may be uploaded in a day. The turnaround time may be different for higher volumes.

How do you process/edit my images?

As soon as you submit an order, and our platform generates a ticket, and the job is assigned to a customer success manager. We use technology and image editing software along with skilled editors to process your images.

What file types do you work with?

We use all popular file formats, you may upload JPG, PNG, TIFF, or PSD product images for editing

Can I customize my editing requirements?

Yes, you can. Our image editing platform gives you the ability to choose from standardized specifications by store type from Marketplace (like Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Etsy, ASOS, etc.) as per the intended usage of images. Or you may create custom specifications in a matter of clicks yourself using our guided specification settings through the Custom module and have them saved for current or future use.

What If my preferred store is not featured in the Marketplace?

We suggest you create a custom specification as per your unique requirements using our guided specification settings through our Step-By-Step module and have them saved for current or future use.

What kind of Support do you offer?

We offer email and chat support. If you are facing any issues while placing an order, getting access to your account or uploading images contact us right away and we will be happy to help you. Customer Support email: cs@pixhoto.com

Can I share my feedback on the edited images?

Yes. PIXHOTO shall accept up to two rounds of changes requested by the customer provided the changes requested are genuine or a mistake/error on the part of PIXHOTO. The edited image will be deemed to be accepted by the customer upon receipt, unless within seven (7) days after the delivery of the processed image, the customer contacts Pixhoto through their account page on Pixhoto’s website and details an error by Pixhoto with respect to the image or its requests. Pixhoto will work with the customer to correct any errors as determined by Pixhoto’s sole discretion to be genuine in nature. PIXHOTO will try its level best to rectify the error, including but not limited to re-performing its services to correct such an error if it is so required. Once corrected, the customer will review the corrected image and accept or reject the same in accordance with this Section. It will be our best endeavour to ensure images with feedback are edited and shared within 12 Hours

Do you give a volume discount?

We have custom rates for clients who come to us and wish to process more than 3000 images monthly. You may fill out this form and our Customer Success Team will reach out to you.

Do you protect my intellectual property?

Absolutely. PIXHOTO usually deletes from its system all processed images approximately thirty (30) days after their acceptance and delivery to the customer. If we do not receive any feedback within 7 days from order completion, we will consider the order as closed.

What are the guidelines prescribed by Pixhoto for submitting images for editing.

The images should not be too grainy or too small, majorly over or under exposed, the image should not be corrupt and should be able to open on photoshop.