Product Wrapping

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When you have multiple variants in terms of textures and patterns for your furniture or apparel, it can be quite a challenge for you to showcase all of them. It may not even be prudent and efficient to plan a shoot in terms of costs and logistics.

With just one photo of any product, we can create as many patterns, textures and colours you may require. Product wrapping is a cost-effective solution for marketers and e-commerce brands, saving time and delivering value for money spent. You can use these images for market research, product testing, and even driving sales of your existing products’ colour variants.

Our team of experienced editors has spent years perfecting this skill to guarantee you exceptional results every time. In an ideal scenario, you would want to shoot all your product variants. Product Wrapping allows you to showcase your entire range of products without getting into the hassle of expensive and time-consuming shoots every time.

See it to believe it.

With product wrapping or texture wrapping, we can create multiple options of your product using just one product image and a clear scanned swatch of all the textures or patterns you may require.

Image as shot

Wrap – 01
Wrap – 02
Wrap – 03

God is in the Details

Our team of experts will ensure every detail is highlighted, and the pattern, design, and fabric type look natural, while the shape and contour of the original image are retained. After we work on the images and send them to you, you will not be able to tell the original ones from the wrapped ones.

Not Just Apparel and Furniture

You may use it across any category where you have multiple patterns, fabrics, textures or prints for the same product. This service enables you to save time and allows you to create all possible alternatives at a fraction of the costs you would spend on shooting all these variations.

Click on the fabric swatches to see the difference.

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