Background and Shadows

Background Removal

Stand out, consistently.

Background removal is an essential requirement for e-commerce businesses. Be it the removal of a background from an image, replace the background with something which can make your product stand out, cleaning it up, or making it consistent with your brand identity and compliant with marketplaces, we can do it all!

We use state-of-the-art technology to separate the image subject from its background and offer multiple options for background replacement. Our automated process is backed by human quality control, ensuring perfect results every time.

Create a unique visual identity for your brand.

You may customize the background as per the marketplace you want to be present in
or create a custom background for your e-commerce store basis your brand’s unique style.

Background Removal Examples

Transparent Background

Background Editing Services

Background Colour

Background Removal Services

Background Plate

Why is Background Removal Important?

  • Match marketplace best practices and guidelines
  • Add consistency to your product images
  • Uplift the look of your products
  • Give a neat and well-arranged look to your online store
  • Declutter the background to highlight your product
  • Develop a unique visual identity for your brand
Shoes without background removal

Product images as shot

Background Removal Importance
Background Editing Software
Remove backgrounds easily

Product images on a unifrom background

Shadows & Reflection

Add depth to your images for a professional look

Add a natural shadow, reflections or keep an existing shadow to get beautiful images.

Pixhoto image editing lets you use shadows to the advantage of your product.

Pixhoto will add shadows to give your product images depth and make your product pop. A well-added shadow visually enhances your products without
creating a distraction.

We make sure that the shadows we add make your products more realistic and give a professional and consistent look to your products.

Woman without Drop Shadow

Without Shadow – Model appears to be ‘hanging in space’

Woman with Drop Shadows

With Drop Shadow – Definition added to the shot

Click on the Shadow options above to see the difference.

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