Professional Image Editing
that gives your e-commerce business an edge in Quality, Efficiency and Value.

Pixhoto Image Editing Services

A simple and efficient solution to get your images e-commerce ready.

Background Removal

Give your product the spotlight and an uncluttered look. Simply choose from white, transparent, or any personalised background.


Make your images speak up! Remove dust, creases, wrinkles, blemishes or any unwanted inconsistencies.

Shadows & Reflection

Enhance your product’s visual appeal. Add a natural shadow, reflection or keep an existing shadow to get beautiful images.

Invisible Mannequin

Let your product take center stage. Remove models or distracting mannequins by combining multiple images.

Clipping Path

Have future-ready images with our carefully drawn clipping paths. Use for text wrapping, background removal, and multimedia etc.

Resize and Format

Optimise images as per the marketplaces. Select a predefined ratio, specify your own, choose the file format as per your requirement.

Colour Fix

Reduce product returns, match your images accurately to a reference image or a colour value.

Colour Ways

Give us all the colour references with your product shot and we will recreate it, enabling you to showcase and sell your product in all available colours.

Creative Composition

Love seeing your ideas come to life? We are fully capable of working with multiple images and ensuring that every composition looks exactly as you imagined it to be.

Product Wrapping

Send us the base image of your product and the scanned fabric samples and we can wrap all the properties of the fabric and bring all variations of your product to life.

Pixhoto Process

We strike the right balance between human intelligence and technology
for an efficient and reliable image editing service for you.

Using Pixhoto is super easy!


Set Your

Choose from our readymade
Marketplace templates or
configure your requirements using the Step-by-Step


Your Images

Drag and drop, use the cloud
or upload via FTP.
Upload as many images
as required.


And Download

Once your images are ready,
simply download and use.
If you have any feedback,
we are eager to hear.

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Why Pixhoto?

We understand that having great quality images can increase conversion rates, reduce return rates and drive up the engagement and time spent on your website.

At Pixhoto, our experience of over ten years with leading e-commerce businesses offers you the edge in:

Quality: Our team of skilled editors and quality assurance experts ensures they deliver only the highest quality images every time.

Efficiency: We create seamless and efficient customized workflows which ensure timely deliveries and compliance

Value: Our expertise creates the right balance between technology and art, allowing us to offer you savings compared to other outsourced models

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Pixhoto Pricing

As your business grows, so do your image editing needs.
That’s why we offer three plans, pick the plan that best suits your requirements.