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Starts at

Pay as you go with upfront pricing

on Demand

Flexible delivery times of 24, 12 or 6 hours

Editing Capacity
of 15000+ Images

Get bulk editing and customised solutions

Basic to
High-End Images

The right balance between technology and skills

Pixhoto is the right partner for photographers, studios and bulk image operations. Pixhoto strikes the perfect balance between human skills and tech to deliver unmatched image quality on time for you and your clients.


Go ahead, scale your image editing operations as Pixhoto is here to support you!

Your Go-to platform for image editing

Image Background Removal/Customization

Get the background of
your choice

Drop Shadow and
Product Reflection

Give defination to
your product

Mannequin Effect

Give a 3D look to
your apparel images


Change the product colour to a color value
or a reference image


Correct the product colour with a color value or a reference image

Retouching Options

Multiple retouching options to enhance your product or model images

Product Wrap

Change the product texture or print and get your products in various swatches

Upfront Pricing, consistent quality and quick delivery time

No credit card is required for free editing.

Unmatched Pricing

Image Delivery Time: Under 24 Hours
Expedited Image Delivery Time: 12 or 6 Hours (Additional Charge)
Free Trial Images: 10
Guaranteed Daily Capacity: 150 images per day
Basic Image Editing: $ 0.98 per image
Invisible Mannequin: $ 0.41 per image
Clipping Path: $ 0.66 per image
Shadows/Reflection: $ 0.41 per image
Colour-Fix: $ 0.66 per image
Colourways: $ 0.90 per image
Markup Tool: Complimentary
No monthly fee or subscription charges

Fast And Easy To Use Platform

No Fee or Subscription Charges | Edit At Scale

No credit card is required for the trial.

Quick and hassle-free way
to get your images ready for popular marketplaces
or your own online store

Consistent, High-Quality Image Editing

No credit card is required for the trial.

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